From the Māori Health Report to the Capital & Coast board’s February meeting (Board papers, p. 42):

MOH Performance Monitoring 

The MOH are signalling significant changes non-financial monitoring framework and performance measures. If the changes proceed it will see the removal of:

  1. Local Iwi / Maori engagement and participation in DHB decision-making, development of strategies and plans for Maori health gain
  2. Improving mainstream effectiveness
  3. Expenditure on services provided by Maori Health providers

And inclusion of the following new measures relating to Maori health:

  1. Delivery of Whanau ora

The new measure will focus on how the DHB is:

  • Contributing to the strategic change for Whānau Ora in the district
  • Contributing information about Whānau Ora within the district at appropriate forums, including nationally.
  • Investing in Whānau Ora Provider Collectives through deliberate activities
  • Involving the DHB’s governors and management in the Whānau Ora activity in the district
  • Demonstrating meaningful activity moving towards improved service delivery and building mature providers.

Please note these changes are yet to be confirmed, but are being signalled by the Ministry of Health.

I asked about this at last month’s Board meeting. There was some discomfort around the change but the main view from fellow Board members seemed to be that the old metrics weren’t very meaningful anyway so it was no real loss. I don’t really buy it — over time, you focus on what you’re asked to measure, and I just think this is a really reductionist way of thinking about the DHB’s relationship with Maori. I’d be interested in hearing what others think.